Who we are ?

Prestarec is a waste management and recycling company whose main ambition is to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution. We collect used plastic material such as PET bottles and we endeavor to reprocess them so that it can be recycled which reduces the volume of plastic wastes and safeguarde the environment. Prestarec reprocesses the collected plastic which can thus be reused by manufacturers.

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Did you know ?

Just as plastic products are very convenient to use, plastic pollutes our entire environment, both land and water. According to the Paris conference in 2023, current statistics estimate that the equivalent of a bank card would be ingested by each of us every week.

PET Transparent flakes

PET Bluish flakes

PET Green flakes

HDPE Green flakes

HDPE Blue flakes

HDPE Red flakes

Dis you know ?

Reduction of pollution

Environmental Protection

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Adresse : 15 rue Hoyenoussou – Fidjrosse – Cotonou

Téléphone : +229 53 04 74 50

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